Mois d'Octobre 2003

Dimanche 12 Octobre 2003 à 18H25, par Jets

- Nouvelle version de Doomsday dont voici les amélmiorations:

Maintenance Release
- Model -> Sub -> Skin file: file name of the skin (can be anything; use this if it isn't possible to use the model's skin list)
- Map Info -> Sky Model -> Layer: associate sky model with a sky layer; model is hidden if sky layer is not enabled
- Generator -> Submodel: submodel # to use as generator origin
- particle generator sounds: Sound, Volume, Hit sound, Hit volume added to Generator -> Stage
- Generator -> Init Vector Rnd: init-time random component of Vector
- Generator -> Stage -> Force: linear force
- model flag 'df_notexcomp': disable texture compression for all skins of the associated model
- model flag 'df_worldtime': model's interpos depends on world time
- generator flag 'gnf_srcdir': rotate particle vector
- generator flag 'gnf_extra': additional generator for a mobj state
- cvar 'rend-tex-filter': use bilinear filtering on textures
- a particle generator can have up to 32 stages
- models close to the viewpoint won't disappear
- max number of data files increased from 128 to 1024 (-file)
- fixed: crash when map doesn't have any REJECT data
- fixed: confusion/crash when requesting a lump with no name
- fixed: edge artifacts around translucent sprites
- fixed: sfx sometimes pop with the default sound driver (DS8)
- fixed: loading DEDs from virtual directories
- fixed: particle center offset angle
- fixed: loading order of 3D models (mixed up demon/spectre skins)
- fixed: lighting on vertically inverted models
- quietly allow the use of undefined sprite frames (object hidden)

- "Read This" screens are not affected by menu-scale, skull hidden

- game can only be saved during normal game play
- fixed: cycling down from Elvenwand skips Staff (bug 813773)

- lava and fire textures glow
- support for the Hexen 4-level demo

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Vendredi 3 Octobre 2003 à 19H05, par Jets

- Nouvelle version de Legacy !! Pas mal d'améliorations (depuis le temps!!), voici donc les nouveautés:

- bots (thanks to Anthony Cole)
- new FS functions (setlinetexture, checkcvar, gameskill, playeraddfrag, skincolor, playerweapon, radiusattack, testlocation, spawnmissile, mapthings, mapthingnumexist, objtype, playdemo)
- playerkeys FS function compliant with the docs.
- no more need to add () after the else FS statetement (just like in C/C++)
- flat support resolution from 32x32 up to 2048x2048
- translucent HUD in hardware mode
- support for translated translucent column in software mode
- made ranking screen smaller for splitscreen
- alpha support for trans 3d floors in software
- Sparc/Solaris platform support
- FreeBSD 5 support
- improved compatibility between supported OS
- chexquest support
- accept running pwad with the shwareware version
- support of MP3 and OGG Vorbis under win32 using fmod (ignored for now on other OS)
- fix music pause bug under win32
- random sound pitch off by default
- fix spawn in net game
- more explicit error/warning messages
- fix the "player spawning instead of weapon" bug
- new master server host (
- big blockmap support
- added linedef #s for vertical wind currents. 294 is up, 295 is down.
- vertical wind currents and friction capability on 3d floors
- fix the log bug under linux
- glide does the same thing as -3dfx (but glide support doesn't work properly for now)
- saved games and net games are incompatible with previous versions
- fixes some random crashes
- fixes some other minor bugs

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