Mois de Septembre 2003

Mardi 23 Septembre 2003 à 20H05, par Jets

- Nouvelle version de Doomsday dont voici les améliorations:

Maintenance Release
model offset and scale are interpolated (Model -> Offset XYZ, Model -> Scale XYZ)
overridden model defs are no longer loaded at all (bug 760099)
number of screenshots is not limited to 100
screenshot file names are selected according to game mode
fixed: semicolon in bindings (key name "smcln")
fixed: music volume = zero prevents songs from changing
fixed: halos flicker sometimes through doors
a shadow is not rendered if it would be above the object
fixed: crash when loading external resources of color-mapped sprites

fixed: player gets stuck in enemies
fixed: player gets stuck in a moving plane (elevator, door)
fixed: crash in clmobj handling
fixed: recording demos with multiple local players
fixed: clientside jumping power, jumping enabled
fixed: player start spot selection (especially TNT/Plutonia)
fixed: mobj Z coordinates were sometimes incorrect on clientside
fixed: server didn't increase client's bandwidth rating, ever
fixed: WAD warning box in Client Setup screen was in the wrong place
fixed: halos weren't always displayed correctly on clientside

option -triple: enable triple buffering in fullscreen mode

XG should always be disabled on clientside

cvar 'map-door-colors': show colors of locked doors in automap
cvar 'map-door-glow': locked doors have a glow around them (1=normal)
Plutonia/TNT will automatically set rend-sky-full
fixed: bullet puffs in face (bug 740767)
fixed: main menu item spacing too tight
fixed: STARMS was used in the status bar when in deathmatch

cvar 'player-jump-power'

cvar 'player-jump-power'

A télécharger dans la section de JDoom.

Dimanche 21 Septembre 2003 à 13H05, par Jets

- Une nouvelle version de Doom64 TC à été réalisé, il suffit de retélécharger l'archive qui se trouve ici.
- Un nouveau pack de Texture Hi-Res est disponible dans la section réservé à JDoom (Update 4).

Dimanche 21 Septembre 2003 à 13H00, par Jets

- Voici une nouvelle version de PRBoom, un port de Doom réalisé par un des membres de la TNT Team, voici les nouveautés de cette nouvelle version:

- Fixed sky-over-sky HOM.
- Add sound compatibility option.
- Improve sound volume accuracy.
- Shared texture palette isn't the default anymore (glboom).
- Better invulnerabilty rendering for non paletted OpenGL.
- Network game server can now read config files to set game options.
- Fix latency problems in LAN games.
- Small compilation fixed for OpenGL on some unix platforms.
- Fix for dehacked files which change frames.
- Fixed name clash when compiling for some unix platforms.
- Flag counted items with different colour on the IDDT automap.
- Fixed extra shot sound when chaingun runs out of ammo.
- Fix some telefragging related desyncs.
- Fixed offsets for flipped sprites.
- Hopefully fix problems with network games on big-endian platforms.

Vous pourrez la télécharger ici.

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