Mois de Aôut 2003


Dimanche 31 Aout 2003 à 19H00, par Jets

Une nouvelle version de Doomsday vient de voir le jour, corrigeant pas mal de bugs en tout genre et ajoutant des nouvelles fonctions.
En voici les améliorations:

option -leaveramp: don't reset color settings back to previous values at shutdown
JWADs: IWAD supplements (uses normal WAD loading order)
Data\Graphics directory: Doomsday's graphics resources (UI textures)
cvars 'ui-cursor-width', 'ui-cursor-height': UI mouse cursor size
added new cvar controls to the Control Panel (e.g. multitex, HUD mirror)
the first incarnation of the Doomsday UI theme, "Gradient", was replaced with a much more polished theme, "Plastic"
UI mouse cursor size and movement depend on display resolution
music data will not be cached into the memory zone while loading (large MP3s wasted a lot of space)
paths that contain the base path are normally printed without the base
removed obsolete settings from Control Panel
removed detail texture maximum distance cvar and Control Panel slider
removed cvars 'rend-light-clip', 'rend-light-shrink'
fixed: possible crash in Con_Error()

DED version 6: semicolons are optional (the default is 6)
added Defs/Doomsday.ded: include definitions shared by all games
'Top map', 'Bottom map', 'Side map' added to Light defs and Decoration:Light defs (name of lightmap to use; empty means default, "-" is none)
particle types pt_modelNN: use 3D model ID = "ParticleNN"
particle flags ptf_zeroyaw, ptf_zeropitch, ptf_rndyaw, ptf_rndpitch
'Frame', 'End frame', 'Spin' added to Generator:Stage
up to 32 sky models can be defined in a Map Info definition
added an ID key to the Model definition
flags can be defined using this syntax: Flags = flag1 | flag2 | flag3; (flag prefixes must be omitted)
Defs/Doomsday.ded is always read first
Flag definitions moved to Defs/Flags.ded
XG definitions moved to Defs/XG.ded
maximum number of submodels is now 8
Map Info definitions can be copied
'InFine' is an alternative name for the 'Finale' definition

fixed: server increased a client's bandwidth rating too rapidly

sounds from PWADs are not replaced with automatic external resources

named Model definitions (Model:ID), not assigned to any state
lightmap resources are read from the Data\x\LightMaps directory
texture/flat animation sequences defined using Group defs (Anim.ded)
"tgf_smooth": interpolate between steps in texture/flat animation
particle generator flag "gnf_group": triggered by all in the flat's animation group
particle generator flags "gnf_blendsub", "gnf_blendrsub": subtractive blending for particles
particle generator flags "gnf_blendmul", "gnf_blendimul": normal and inverse multiplicative blending for particles
option -nohighpat: disable high-resolution patches
weapon model skins are precached
texture/flat groups can be used purely for precaching
detail texture contrast is preprocessed: there will be multiple instances of the same texture with different contrast levels (needs a bit more memory but allows faster rendering)
8-bit particle textures are interpreted as pure alpha data
PCX images aren't loaded redundantly from virtual files
fixed: PWAD test when loading highres flats and patches (-pwadtex)
fixed: particles sliding over ledges
fixed: Generator Center angle (Y) offset was ignored with mobj sources

sky models
particle models
blending modes: subtract, reverse subtract, multiply, inverse multiply
cvar 'rend-glow-fog-bright': wall glow brightness in fog
cvar 'rend-model-shiny-multitex': render shiny skins using multitexturing
cvar 'rend-model-mirror-hud': mirror HUD weapon models
cvar 'rend-model-spin-speed': rotation speed for models with "df_spin"
cvar 'rend-dev-wireframe': render player view in wireframe mode
cvar 'rend-dev-freeze': stop updating rendering lists (for debugging)
renderer uses multitexturing for detail textures, dynamic lights, interpolated texture animation and model shiny skins
shiny skins are correctly masked by alpha in main skin
plane glow on models is stronger than before
if multitexturing is available, masked walls will get one dynamic light (previously masked walls were not lit by dynlights)
dynamic light polygons are no longer clipped
calculations to determine surfaces affected by a dynamic light are more accurate (light has a better chance to be visible)
light decoration brightness decreases as surface/view angle grows
removed option -maxor: clipper has now unlimited nodes
fixed: leaking lights (impossible route detection)
fixed: stray pixels along polygon edges in dynamically lit areas
fixed: detail texture blending when fog is enabled
fixed: object shadows weren't affected by fog
fixed: skymask holes in skyfixed sectors
fixed: shiny skins on HUD models
fixed: console text gibberish on the first time the console is drawn
fixed: cvar 'rend-tex' (render with textures)
fixed: shadows fade away smoothly at maximum distance

support for multitexturing
NV_texture_env_combine4 or ATI_texture_env_combine3 required when rendering dynamic lights with multitexturing
support for SGIS_generate_mipmap
support for EXT_blend_subtract
support for EXT_texture_compression_s3tc
option -notexcomp: disable texture compression
option -novtxar: disable vertex arrays
option -nosgm: disable SGIS_generate_mipmap
vertex arrays are disabled by default if driver's OpenGL version is older than 1.3 (otherwise enabled)
texture compression disabled by default (use -texcomp to enable)

support for multitexturing

cvar 'server-game-cheat': allow cheat commands "god", "noclip", "give" in netgames

"Patch Replacement" strings (see Defs\jDoom\Values.ded)
cvar 'menu-patch-replacement': enable or disable replacement strings
cvar 'menu-glitter': letters glow as they are typed in
fonts precached during startup
crosshair alpha slider added to the HUD menu
some light decorations (Doom1Lights.ded + BSTONE3, BRICKLIT)
titlescreen sequence defined as an InFine script (ID = "title")
menu text has properly sized capital letters
fixed: intermissions/finales in Plut/TNT

some light decorations (based on Isegrim's defs)
player mobj selector is set to match currently used weapon
titlescreen sequence defined as an InFine script (ID = "title")

some light decorations (based on Isegrim's defs)
player mobj selector is set to match currently used weapon
titlescreen sequence defined as an InFine script (ID = "title")

cmd 'startinf (scriptid)' (and 'stopinf')
gradient rectangles
object rotation (pics, text objects, rectangles)
command "ScaleXY (handle) (x) (y)"
command "Rect (handle) (x) (y) (w) (h)"
command "FillColor (h) (TOP/BOTTOM/BOTH) (r) (g) (b) (a)"
command "EdgeColor (h) (TOP/BOTTOM/BOTH) (r) (g) (b) (a)"
condition "MODE:(game-mode)"
command "ELSE"
command "DO" ... ";" (nestable blocks)
command "PlayDemo (filename)"
command "Cmd (console command)"
command "OnKey (key-ident) (marker)": jump to marker when key pressed
command "UnsetKey (key-ident)"
commands "Events", "NoEvents": enable/disable interactive mode
commands "Trigger", "NoTrigger": enable/disable menu triggering mode
generic object commands: "Del", "X", "Y", "Sx", "Sy", "Scale", "Angle" "ScaleXY", "RGB", "Alpha"
old pic/text commands that should no longer be used: "DelPic", "DelText", "TextRGB", "TextAlpha", "Tx", "Ty", "TSx", "TSy", "TextScale"
InFine can run in overlay mode (e.g. during GS_LEVEL)
InFine states are nested (script -> demo -> script -> demo -> etc.)
fixed: "WaitText" timing with \w, \W, \p, \P
fixed: "SoundAt" volume

line class "ltc_mimic_sector"
new sprefs
cvar 'xg-dev': print XG event messages to the console
fixed: sector floor/ceiling chain touch test

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