Mois de Janvier 2003

Mercredi 29 Janvier 2003 à 17H20, par Jets

- Nouvelle release de ZDoomGL qui passe de la version 0.72 à 0.73 (on avait pas proposé sur le site la version 0.72 car peut d'ajout y avait été fait), celle-ci apporte plusieurs améliorations et fixes pas mal de bugs, en voici le détail:

January 29, 2003
- fixed a crash when setting an invalid convolution filter
- disabled compiled vertex arrays (they were crashing 3Dfx cards for some reason)
- disabled logging of the TextureList class again

January 28, 2003
- updated to 2.0.38
- fixed a bug in some ZDoom code that caused a crash with scripted marines (SinCity 2 doesn't crash anymore)
- did a bit more tinkering with flats
- added logging code to the TextureList class (writes to texlist.txt) for easier debugging (I can see which texture caused the hard lock!)

January 25, 2003
- fixed a bug in the flat loading. It was only allocating space for 64*64 sized flats, so hires flats would blow up badly...

January 25, 2003
- fixed: hires textures weren't always being checked for an alpha channel
- clipper detects doors again, so if a door is closed it doesn't draw behind it
- clipper clips against one sided seg with a mid texture and a sector behind it
- add subsectors outside frustum to clipper to fill it up to get an early out from the bsp traversal
- fixed a bad bug where warped flats were being rebuilt/uploaded to OpenGL every time they were bound, instead of when the level time changed
- added a check for NULL patches in the texture loading code. Will this fix the crashing?

January 24, 2003
- updated to 2.0.37
- added new cvars: gl_texture_convfilter and gl_texture_convadjust. I'll have to do a little writeup on them sometime. Basically, they allow you to run a filter on textures.
- fixed a bug in the texture creation that could cause a crash
- made walls infinitely tall so they block things behind them properly (well, just 1000 units taller or something, but it works)
- fixed a bug in adding sprites so all sprites in a given sector will be drawn
- doesn't try to precache textures when not in a map anymore

January 22, 2003
- updated to 2.0.36
- converted internals to floats instead of doubles for a small increase in speed
- floors/ceilings are vertex arrays now (CVA's if the card supports it)
- texture/patch loading doesn't result in funny black lines anymore (finally!)
- texture loading rewritten (loads texpatches with same method that loads sprites and draws into texture)
- sprite outlines fixed (code borrowed from JDoom, thanks Jaakko!)
- updated nodebuilder so 3057demo.wad works properly
- fixed small bug in texture loading that would misreport some textures as masked instead of solid, causing them to not be tiled vertically
- fixed bug that would allow transparency for walls with no backsectors

Tout ceci est téléchargeable ici.

- Egalement à télécharger, le nouveau pack de texture haute résolutions destiné à JDoom (et à ZDoomGL à présent), ce pack de textures est superbe et pèse lourd, pas moin de 180mo à télécharger ici ou à prendre directement dans la section Ports destinée à JDoom c'est à dire (désolé pour les 56K).

Lundi 06 Janvier 2003 à 15H30, par Jets

Une petite News pour vous souhaitez à tous une bonne année 2003, en espérant pleins de bonne choses pour Doom ;)

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